Nukes Cards
When I was first learning Visual Basic I felt sure I could write a better solitaire game than the one that comes with Windows. Starting with that model I rapidly created a card handling library which allowed users to create custom decks of cards. The final solitaire game allowed for the creation of additional game libraries to create a more truly dynamic solitaire program.
Switch Stats
Initially a telecommunications company had hired me for a three month contract to duplicate a program a sister office in Salt Lake City had created which drew limited statistics based upon data drawn directly from switch logs. Despite never having worked in Access previously I was able to duplicate that program by the end of the first week. At the end of the second month I had created this program which automatically pulls the data into its repository, warehouses the data according to user specifications, draws charts based on user guidelines and allows users to enter new formulas truly giving the application endless possibilities.
AI Lookup
At a computer management firm my job was to retrieve data from a third party solution called Asset Insight. Asset Insight runs on the company's computers and logs information such as processor speed, hard drive usage, and installed applications. This script allowed management to lookup a number of these items independently.
I first heard of an oracle program being run on a unix box in the late 80s, then on the usenet, this is my adaptation for the web. The oracle is really an elaborate little hoax, but I continually get email wonder how I answer all those questions. I've never put the secret on my site before, so if you're wondering, keep reading. Users' questions are stored and asked of other users. That's it, simple, but most people don't guess it.